How to send stickers on Whatsapp ?

How to send stickers on Whatsapp ?

WhatsApp has recently launched the Stickers feature for its users. This feature has just been launched for beta testers and it will reach all users soon. However, for this, you have to update your Whatsapp app once.


WhatsApp has been offering stickers option to users on their behalf, but with this, WhatsApp Stickers also has the option of third-party sticker pack open.



The advantage of the third party will be that developers around the world can create different stickers for this platform, and this will make it even more fun for users to use Whatsapp.


This sticker feature of WhatsApp has been available on some Android phones and Beta software of iOS and people are also using it. Now Whatsapp is offering 12 stickers packs for free to its users. Once downloaded, you can use these stickers offline too.


Make such a stickers download

* When you open the keyboard in your chat, you will see a new sticker button.

* A new sticker store will open as soon as you click the sticker button.

* Here you can use your favorite stickers in your chat.

* Whatsapp has also placed a dedicated sticker category for it, which you can access by applying the + icon given in the right-hand side above the app. At present, there is a pack of 12 stickers on the Whatsapp app.

* You can download more stickers according to your wishes. For this, you have to download stickers from Playstore.

* You can also access these Whatsapp stickers from the web version of Whatsapp.

* Here you will also have a choice of favorites so that you can mark your favorite stickers by tapping on the star button.

With the History tab given in it, you can find out how many stickers you used before in a template.

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