List Of Best Schools In Gurgaon

List Of Best Schools In Gurgaon

One of the first and most challenging tasks for you as a parent is to find that one school that best suit your child’s needs and we realised that getting the school admission done is one of the top priorities they have so we decided to lower down your some difficulty by providing you top schools in gurgaon or gurugram. Here's the list of schools that will horn your child future.


1. Amity Global School

Tel : 91 (124) 2579770 / 9910013997

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Address :- Main sector road 4, Sector 46, Gurgaon

About :- Amity International School, Sector-46, Gurgaon founded by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan in the year 2003, is a co-educational English medium public school, providing education from Class I to Ser. Secondary level. The day boarding school is affiliated to the CBSE board.

With an enrolment of approximately 3500 students, the school is part of the chain of Amity International Schools that function under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools and RBEF. Under her leadership, the school constantly innovates in teaching methodology and curriculum, thus cultivating lifelong learners within the student and teacher community.

Amity International School, Gurgaon-46, firmly believes in the principle of inducing educational, social, cultural and spiritual awakening amongst students. It is strongly committed to exploring, harnessing and nurturing the potential of students to help them dream, at the same time providing them with enough opportunities and confidence to pursue their dreams.

Equipped with all the modern facilities, the school encourages students to question and validate their learning. Each and every child is encouraged to develop skills that enables him/her to discover, authenticate and communicate concepts with clarity, accuracy and confidence.

The school stands true to Amity's philosophy of ‘Modernity blends with tradition’. Garnering the best from Indian traditional values and international education systems, the school has developed a pattern of holistic education for the all round development of the intellectual and physical faculties of students. While Amitians develop an appreciation of human values like tolerance, brotherhood, respect for elders, patriotism and sanskaras, at the same time they excel in leadership summits, MUNs, national and international competitions and more.

AIS Gurgaon 46 has carved a niche as one of the premier schools in the Gurgaon region.

2. Amity International School

Address :- Sector 43, Power Grid Complex, Gurgaon.

Tel: 91-124-2385110, 2385112.

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About :- located in Power Grid Complex, Sector -43, Gurgaon is the 4th in the chain of schools established by Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, New Delhi , founded by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan. The school functions under the direct guidance of Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan. It is a co-educational English medium public school providing schooling from Nursery to Secondary level. The school started functioning in April 2003 upto class IX. In the school session 2004-2005, it was upgraded to Cl-10 level. The school also offers day boarding facility. The school aims at developing the mental, physical & spiritual potential of each child and endeavours at their acquiring conceptual knowledge. The children are motivated to strive for excellence and develop an all round personality.

Facilities :-

Lab :-  Students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories for EVS, Science & Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science. As many as 40 students can perform a wide range of experiments simultaneously while the teachers and lab-assistants at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results. Projects can be developed of a very superior standard thereby encouraging investigative analysis and reasoning.

Library :-  In the words of Maxim Gorky - Two forces are succesfully influencing the education of a cultivated man: art and science. Both are united in the book.

To really develop into "humane beings" in the true spirit it is imperative that students have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. To expand and widen their horizons A.I.S. Gurgaon, Sec-43 has 2 libraries at different levels viz.a) Pre-Primary & Primary library for classes Nursery to IV b) Senior library for classes V - X. The total collection of books of the 2 libraries is a mind-boggling 25,000 titles, which caters to 1200 children and a sum of 90 members of the teaching and non-teaching staff. The reading material covers a range of subjects as diverse as Astronomy, Religion, Cookery, Earth Sciences, Fiction etc. The library subscribes to over 75 periodicals and 9 leading dailies, alongwith general reading and long and short range reference services, the library also supplies teachers other materials to enrich their classroom activities and teaching. Thus this unique world of books caters to the needs and interest of children of all ages.

Sports:- The School recognizes the need and importance of games and sports activities for the development of the all-round personality of a child. Sport is a way of life at A.I.S. Gurgaon, Sec-43, wherein children come to understand that a sound and fit body is a prerequisite for scholastic achievement. Competitions and Tournaments are an important part of the sports program. The following competitions are organized on campus: -a) Inter House and Inter Class Competitions) Inter-School Sports Tournaments. Students also regularly participate in District, Regional, State and National level competitions organized by District sports authorities, state sports council, CBSE sports and different games / sports federation etc. Top quality coaches impart proper coaching to children enabling them to make rapid progress in learning. Advanced coaching camps in different games and sports are also conducted during the summer, autumn and winter breaks.The various programmes for games and sports are appended below


Group 'A'(II-V)

Group 'B'(VI-X)

(Class IV onwards)

(Optional Sports)

Roller Skating









Volley Ball






Roller Skating




Canteen :-

Canteen facilities are provided for wherein healthy wholesome snacks are made available to all students. Balanced, well-planned hygienically prepared lunches are served to the day-boarders.

Medical :- Every possible care is taken of children during school-hours. For this purpose the school has a well-equipped sickbay, which provides basic First-Aid facilities as and when necessary. A regular pediatrician and a nursing assistant are also present throughout the school hours to attend to any emergency. The school also conducts regular medical check-ups of the children and parents are kept informed of their well-being

Books :- Books and stationery are available at the school bookshop during school hours. Students can procure all the prescribed textbooks and copies on the campus itself. All commonly used items that comprise a pencil - kit and art and craft requirements are stocked in abundance.

IT :- Amity International Schools have always been in the forefront in the use of Information technology. We have a good collection of Software and are equipped with the latest hardware. The school has a fully automated Intranet which takes care of all our academic and administrative functions.

We have computer facilities are available on all floors at nodal points such as the Study Centre, Staff Rooms, Science Laboratories and Libraries. We also have advanced Audio-Visual room equipped with the latest presentation tools and teaching aids

3.  Blue Bells School


Tel :- +91 - (124) 46 98 888

Address :- Sector -4, Urban Estate, Gurgaon -122001, Haryana, INDIA

Website :-

About :- Blue Bells Model School is a pioneer co-educational English medium school located in the heart of the city of Gurgaon (Haryana). Founded on Nov. 10, 1980, the school is a rare blend of tradition and modernity. The D.R. Memorial Bal Shiksha Vikas Society, comprising of eminent personalities from all walks of life is the apex body of the school. Emanating from a humble beginning, today this versatile institution has grown into a full-fledged Senior Secondary School. It got affiliated to C.B.S.E. up to class X in April 1986 and later was upgraded to class XII in July 1991.


The school aims at imparting quality education with its goals set on the all-round personality development of students. The school is equipped with state of the art infrastructure for a full-fledged Senior Secondary School. The school offers a spectrum of co-curricular activities through House system and activity clubs. The school has been setting records by giving 100% results in C.B.S.E. Board examinations. Our scholastic students have been gaining successful entries into prestigious colleges and institutes.

Blue Bells School is committed to its prime aim of developing the overall personality of the students in a healthy and congenial atmosphere. The school has bagged numerous laurels in the fields of Cultural, Fine Art, Literary, Sports and Science activities at State and National levels. Cherishing the goals of versatility and excellence in all spheres, the school today ranks among one of the best educational institutions of Haryana.

The endeavour is to encourage the students in the vigorous pursuit of excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. Inter-house competitions for Debate, Declamation, Elocution, Dramatics, and Painting, Poetry recitation, Essay Writing, Group Song, Group Dance, Solo items, Fancy Dress & Quiz are organized as a regular feature. The school provides exemplary exposure to the sports enthusiasts and has also made excellent arrangements for imparting meticulous training in martial arts. Education remains incomplete unless students attain values such as dignity of labour. Such ethical values are inculcated through Work experience & Community service.

The progressive environment at Blue Bells Model School is an amalgamation of academics, theatre, art, debating, discussions, seminars, clubs and workshops, all being intelligently designed and promoted at school. Games, indoor and outdoor athletics, yoga, aerobics, music, dancing, picnics and excursions have an important place in the term wise planned school calendar. These myriad of activities are possible because it is the “love for learning” that drives each endeavour that a Blue Bellian sets upon. To develop academic excellence the school offers a wide syllabus with careful planning and guidance to enable the students’ independent thinking and self-expression.

This is reflected in class XII results that we manage every year in the CBSE Board Examinations year after year. Opportunity is given to each student to acquire the values and belief that will guide him/her throughout their life. Group activities in the school inculcate in the students team spirit, feelings of patriotism and teach them values of sharing and caring. The ideals of quality and excellence with emphasis on human values, commitment and discipline help to mold the student to adopt a modern progressive and international outlook with a secular nature. The school believes in imparting Holistic Education to the students which will lead to the development of – Head, Heart and Hand so that they efficiently discharge their duties to themselves, to the community, to the nation as a whole and to humanity at large.

Facilities :-  


Our transport Management System covers almost all prime areas of Gurgaon city. For safety reasons, every bus route has a teacher and an attendant accompanying children till the last stop.

  • Parents who wish to avail the bus facility for their ward must contact school’s Accounts Office along with the Fee Booklet. They are required to duly complete the Consent Form and get the Bus Fee endorsed on their Fee Booklet. Parents are suggested to refrain from arranging rikshaws as a means of commuting to school to ensure the safety and security of their wards.

  • Bus charges will be paid quarterly along with the school fee.

  • Bus routes are fixed and are not normally changed.

  • Although all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the students travelling in buses, the school cannot be held responsible for any injury or mishap or death in case of an accident.

  • Bus facility once availed shall not be curtailed before the end of the session. Permission to curtail bus facility, if availed, shall be granted only due to change in locality in case the locality is not on route of the buses.

  • In case a student wishes to withdraw the transport facility, specifically only due to the above mentioned reason, a written request giving one month notice will have to be submitted to the Principal, failing which one month’s fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period.


  • The management reserves the right of amending or revising the transportation charges due to hike in taxes or price of petrol or diesel without any prior notice to the parents.

  • Transport facility is extended as a privilege and cannot be claimed as a right. It can be withdrawn any time due to any emergency. Certainly the student’s convenience will be kept in mind but it cannot be claimed legally. In case of sudden breakdown of the vehicles, parents will be requested to make their own arrangements whenever required. Your kind co-operation will be solicited.

  • Students from class XII availing bus facility shall be exempted from payment of bus fee only for the month of March. They shall not be entitled to the bus facility for commuting to Board Center.

Counselling & Guidance Cell

We have a team of full-time counsellors to facilitate our students to work through their difficult ties such that they could optimally utilize their potential to the fullest. We also have a team of consultants on board who provide continuous support and guidance to our team of counsellors.

The counselling and guidance cell provides support to our students in the following ways:

1. Offers emotional and psychological support to students and helps them resolve their difficulties.

2. It is a part of Life Skills Education Programme and helps students learn positive and adaptive skills to deal with life situations.

3. Provides them with career guidance to help students make appropriate choices for higher education.

4. Conducts group activities and workshop to raise awareness and sensitize students in order to help them develop as sensitive and responsible individuals.

5. Collaborates with teachers, parents and other personnel in order to facilitate a child oriented environment.

At Blue Bells Model School, we believe in working towards our students’ holistic development that includes facilitating their emotional well-being as well as helping them develop life skills alongside providing the best of academics and extracurricular activities.

Robotics :- As technology becomes increasingly important in today’s world, it is invaluable to not only learn how to use technology, but also to understand how to create it. In sync with the same the school runs ‘Robotics Club’- dealing with design, construction, operation and application of Robots. This club helps the students of Classes IV to X learn about Mechanical Design, Gear System and Linkages. It prepares the students for various Robotics Competitions like Inter-School Robotics Challenge (IRC). Through Robotics Club, students experience an exciting practical way to learn Science and Computer Science.

Technology :- We are gliding smoothly in tune with the ever dynamic nature of education. Smart classes in school enables the students learn new concepts in interesting and vibrant ambience. The teacher makes the best use of digital modules provided in the smart class along with her subject expertise, to elucidate and explain concepts to the tech-savvy generation of today.

The school also gives due appreciation and recognition to the teachers  who makes the best use of smart class modules.

Work Experience :- Work Experience is one of the most significant areas where we ensure that our club activities are designed in such a way that it helps students to develop certain career specific skills which helps them in their future careers. Therefore institutionalisation of work-centred education as integrated part of the school curriculum from the pre-primary to the +2 stage is expected to lay the necessary foundation for reconceptualising and reconstructing vocational education to meet the challenges of globalised economy.

Learning by doing:-  Activity and sports clubs add a spark to education. Students decide what clubs they would like to join. Their talent is further honed through creative activities carried out each week

Our Earth is Our Responsibility :- Each little hand sharing the responsibility of a green world has brought a change in creating awareness about a green planet through rallies, street plays, poster and slogan writing competitions etc. Van Mahaotsav is a grave responsibility on their shoulders. Projects, models and innovative ideas to save our resources find ample display in the school premises. The Eco club organizes activities to support this mission and creating compost pits.

Spirit of share and care (Savera) :- Our students are groomed to serve with “Savera”, our bridge school. They celebrate festivals, birthdays and occasions together. Each year, the number of students from the underprivileged section rises. Community outreach programme enables our students to visit old age homes, SOS, Khushboo a school for special children and get sensitized to the noble virtual of care.

Diversity instills unity :- Respect for all learners creates a harmonious environment in the school where students from all stratas of society form a homogenous group. Cultures, traditions and different religions are embraced with equanimity.

Publications :-  ‘Admirable Archives’ is the annual school magazine. It is compiled designed and edited by the Editorial board. The cover and the back page is always the classic art work of our students. The quarterly newsletter is totally managed by the students. The photographs are also clicked and selected by the students.

Health :-  The school has a well-planned health and wellness programme for the students to ensure that they are physically strong to combat the challenges besetting them in this competitive world. In sync with the same Medical Record of each and every child is maintained in order to ensure timely First aid / Medical help to the students. The school has on rolls a full-time doctor and nurse to provide necessary First-aid to the students in times of emergency.

Please Note:

– Students will be provided First aid only in the school premises in case of medical problem.

– In case of chronic diseases, school will only inform the parents telephonically. Parents will be expected to reach school at the earliest.

– Expenses on First-aid will be borne by the school. All other expenses in case of hospitalization / visit to private clinic / medicine will be borne by the parents.

Uniform Shop :- The school has a special Uniform Counter in the school so that parents and students can purchase the school uniform from the counter easily. The uniforms are available in all sizes to suit the students of different age groups and classes. The Counter is functional on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m.

Canteen :- Canteen facility is extended by the school for the convenience of the students where nutritionally balanced and hygienic food is provided at nominal price. RO is installed for safe drinking water. Canteen days are fixed class-wise.



4. CCA School Gurgaon

Website :-

Tel :- 0124-2330098 , 2331264, 4078033

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About :- We the CCA School community declare our commitment to provide educational experience of quality that enable our students to learn share and succeed. Contribution of parents, the Civil Administration, Industrial Organization, Educational and Sports Development and Ministries are vital in our effort to have our students become lifelong learners, who take pride in their work, the country and in service of others. We therefore endeavor to continuously improve the quality of our work in education system.

Facilities :-


The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Audio Visual Laboratories to ensure that students keep pace with technological growth based on the concept of Learning by Doing. (CHEMISTRY LAB, PHYSICS LAB , BIOLOGY LAB , COMPUTER ROOM)

Hobby Classes :-

The students are given a wide choice under SUPW and Hobby classes such as Dance, Dramatics, Music, Gardening, Electronics, Science, Nature & Wild Life Clubs, Art & Painting and Aerobics depending upon their aptitude and talent. The school provides immense space and facilities for music & dance activities. The students enthusiastically participate in these activities and bring laurels to the school at inter-school contests

Computer Studies :-

No education program can be accomplished in the new millennium without computer education. Computer labs with multimedia & Internet provides our students an opportunity to be with the latest in the world. All students from class LKG onwards learn computer as a subject.

Library :-

CCA School library is equipped with more than fifteen thousand books ranging from classics, to modern, to mythology, to encyclopedias, to drama, to fiction, to poetry, to magazines, to journals & to resource books. Other than these, children maintain class libraries where they have a collection of books of their choice.

5. Canterbury Public School

Address : B-Block,Yamuna Vihar, Delhi


Tel :- 011-22917165, 011-22918930.

Admission :-

About :- Canterbury Public School is a progressive, child centered, co-educational unaided private, recognised school, committed to providing quality education for all its pupils & it was established in 1982.

CPS provides opportunities and a positive environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. In an atmosphere of mutual support, equality and dignity, each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence within the framework of an extensive and diverse curriculum.

Our school strives for excellence and equity and aims to empower students with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Teaching and learning programmes focus on developing competencies in critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, cooperation, citizenship and social justice. Emphasis is placed on student welfare, individualized learning programmes.

CPS is a manifestation of the vision and passion of

Mr. K.C. Gupta who felt a strong need to build an alternative model of school education in Delhi.

Facilities : - Library is the nerve center, a mirror and a catalogue element of the academic functioning of any institution. Open - shelf system is available to the students where every student has free access to the library. School's library has wide range of books, magazines and newspapers to meet the demand of every age group to develop the reading habit.

Labs :- The school provides science practical facilities in adequately equipped labs with most modern apparatus to encourage students to learn through experiments and research. Students are taken to these laboratories as per their time schedule to make them aware of the world as learning by doing helps students in reviewing and reinforcing scientific and experimental concept and developing investigative skills. Students do their practicals under the supervision of highly trained, qualified, motivated and dynamic staff, the real asset of the school.

6. D.A.V. Public School

Website :-

Tel :- 0124-2324070, 0124-4081594

Email id:

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About :- Nestled in an area of 5 acres, D.A.V Public School, Sector 14, Gurugram is set amidst lush green environment. Set up in 1985, the school today ranks 2nd in the 2016 Times School Survey by Times of India, conducted across schools in the region and is an ISA- International School Awardee, under the aegis of the British Council for the years 2016-2019.

The School is known for its excellence not only in Academics but in Co-scholastic areas as well and churns out balanced individuals who can become conscientious citizens of the country. Our school boasts of receiving “Pride of DAV” honour from DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi every year.

A well trained faculty, selected after rigorous interview, caters to the academic dissemination of the curriculum, encouraging analytical and application skills of students, using ICT and experiential learning. The Highly qualified and acclaimed faculty of the school has been awarded with: CBSE Teachers Award, National ICT Award, Best Script Award by CIET, NCERT, New Delhi.

The students receive coaching from the professionals and experts in the morning and evening in the field of Volley ball, Cricket, Badminton, Skating, Swimming, Athletics etc., apart from the regular periods in the School Time Table. Special emphasis is given to Yoga as it trains minds and spirit which prevents the pupils from unwanted distractions.

To cater to the aesthetic sensibilities amongst students the school provides myriad activities including Music, Arts, Dances, Science & Heritage Clubs, Debating, Robotics and MUNing and many more. Inter House Competitions go a long way in inculcating a sense of team spirit, competition and excellence.

In one of its humane endeavours, the school provides for the classes for the students of economically weaker section of the society from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Our School also initiated an endeavour to provide ‘a home away from home’ for children with special needs. Dedicated and committed teachers enhance their gross motor skills, fine motor coordination, expression, verbal and non-verbal communication and language. Further, their eating, dressing and academic skills, including reading, writing and drawing, are also honed.

Our School is a recipient of Computer Literacy Excellence Award – 2003. The award honours the School’s high standard of achievement and rewards its excellence in imparting computer education and promoting related activities.

The school is proud to proclaim that our Alumni have gone places viz a viz their professional competence and successful & morally upright distinctiveness.

Facilities :-  

AV Room

The Audio- Visual room of the school can accommodate around so students who can learn lessons which require audio & visual input. The air-conditioned AV room with comfortable seating arrangement is used for holding conferences or seminars whereby interaction & deliberations on varied topics is carried out effectively.


D.A.V. Public School, Sec-14, Gurgaon is committed to provide value based education to its students. In order to excel many conferences on issues relating to education, student well being, performance, traceability, faculty growth etc take place in the air-conditioned conference room.


If you can’t take them out to the concrete jungle, bring nature inside the classroom. The teaching on the e-board not only delineates smart learning, but also enables techno-teaching that surely enhances teaching and learning process. The power point presentations on topics galore by students and teachers alike has added colour and variety to the erstwhile usage the crude usage of looking blackboard.

Every classroom has an e-board, attached with a UPS, a CPU, a projector and magnetic pens to write with. Round the clock power backup doesn’t disrupt the teaching - learning process.


The magic in numbers has always intrigued man and mathematics has become more exciting and absorbing because of the logic used in numbers.

In the maths lab, children perform mathematical experiments and solve mathematical puzzles and project work that helps to break the monotony of the regular classroom teaching.

The activities designed are so interesting that children overcome the phobia for maths. In Fact 'Math is Fun' in D.A.V.


The study of the history of science reveals the fact that experimental investigation forms the foundation of the growth and development of science. Demonstration of experiments, is quite important for understanding the principles of science. Performing experiments, however, is more important, because it involves “Learning By Doing”.

By performing experiments in the laboratory, handling equipment or apparatus, doing measurements and developing the skills to acquire the data to analyse, to calculate and to present the result with permissible error keeping in mind the significant figures and proper units, is the main objective of working in the physics laboratory experiment forms the foundation of the growth and development of science. In the Physics lab, students discover the law which governs a certain phenomenon or verify a given law which has been derived from a theory.  



The school has a well equipped chemistry lab which facilitates learning through experimentation; essential in promoting students' learning of scientific enquiry. Activity based approach is followed to do various experiments as per CBSE guidelines giving students a hands on experience.

During the activity period on every Thursday, students throng the lab to have fun with chemicals and learn in the process.   

Variegated theoretical concepts are expounded through trials, tests and experimentation helping children in understanding various chemical reactions and chemical processes. Students learn about the safety measures to be taken in the lab while handling apparatus and chemicals.

To sum it up, the chemistry lab is a real temple of learning for our budding scientists.

Biology Lab

The practical study is a supplement to the theoretical classroom knowledge science is a system alised study based on facts and observations. It involves curiosity, inquisitiveness and unbiased analysis.

In the biology lab, the students study detailed structures, both morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals.

Our lab is fully equipped with latest compound microscope, dissecting microscope, projection microscope and field microscope to appreciate microscopic life.

Facilities are available for the students to perform DNA extraction from plant or animal tissue.

Laboratory activities are also extended through visit to various research centers like National Brain Research center, Manesar; herbal garden in school premises.



Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. The wiz kids today are born because of the exposure to the know- how of the computers. In our school every student from LKG to class XII gets his PC to work on in the practical period.


The labs are well equipped with the latest state of the art facilities to enable students to explore the world beyond texts and to meet the challenges of the modern competitive world.


There are separate computer labs for Primary,Middle and Senior students well-equipped with High end systems connected through Windows 7 based local area network fully equipped for multimedia applications with all necessary software required for print and multimedia presentations.


The labs have special facility for audio-visual editing. They are also used for animation, stop motion and high end graphic design.

These labs are maintained and supervised by 2 Systems experts thus facilitating optimum utilisation of the infrastructure Moreover, the computer centre is upgraded from time to time to ensure that the facilities remain at par with the latest. The computer centres are geared to provide a specialist environment for the student to accomplish their assigned task.


The Robotics lab is well equipped with educational Robotic kits named Boe-bots, personal computers etc. A complete set of electronic components including LEDs, sensors, IR detectors, touch sensors etc are provided to enable the students to design and build new add-on features to the basic Robot(Boe-bot), for conducting different experiments. Some indigenous attachments such as

a) Remote Control Facility

b) Pen Attachment

c) LED Matrix Display

d) Seven Segment Display

are used creatively for performing various activities like Boe-Bot car, light follower tracker etc.

Students have begun to think in new ways, ask questions and explore new vistas. It encourages creative and lateral thinking and helps develop logical aptitude. The students enjoy experimenting with objects and new ideas. They apply the knowledge of Maths, Science and Computer Programming to solve activities in the club thereby developing a scientific temperament.


Home Science is concerned with the attainment of the well being of individuals and families, the improvement of homes and preservation of values, significant in home life. The knowledge of Home science enables one to develop a wide range of skills that are practically applicable in day-to-day life.

Home Science students learn various skills related to food, clothing, shelter, education and health. These skills are based on scientific principles. Our Home Science laboratory is equipped with a refrigerator, gas burners, a microwave, cookware, materials for tie and dye, block printing, sewing machines, toaster, mixer-grinder etc. Home Science is related to many vocations and offers varied opportunities in exciting careers today.


The Curriculum Research Centre is an effort to motivate and energize faculties and is dedicated to serve as a Centre for innovative and creative development.

The goals of the Curriculum Research Centre are to:

* Strengthen collaboration among teachers across disciplines

* Provide resources to create quality learning materials

* Provide professional development, training, and support

* Make available computers and other technologies for use and training

* Improve the quality of teaching at the school

The Curriculum Research Centre provides the atmosphere and structure to promote sharing and increased understanding of resources, ideas, methods, approaches, information, and materials among educators.


It's time to paint the world red. The Art room gives the budding artists the canvas and platform to make a beginning to the masterpiece they aspire to create one day. They are guided by art teachers to draw, sketch or colour with precision using different mediums. Student seek, strive and pour out their emotions and ideas in their creations. It satiates their desire to create which is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

On the walls are beautiful pictures and paintings that encourage and inspire students to create more such paintings.


Life beats down and crushes the soul and music reminds you that you have one. In the well equipped music rooms students are taught vocal & instrumental music and this is where future stars are both.

7. The Shri Ram School Aravali

Address :- Hamilton Court Complex, Phase IV, DLF City, Gurgaon – 122002

Website :-

Admission :-

About :- The Shri Ram School Aravali campus nestles between high-rise apartments of the Hamilton Court Complex in DLF City Phase 4 in Gurgaon.   From the imposing porch and foyer, you can walk into the bright, airy, cheerful classrooms of the junior and the senior wings, greeted by art and craft work of the children and teachers.

The calendar with its mix of academic and co-curricular activities similarly testifies to our children’s ability to think independently and express themselves boldly and imaginatively. The close parent-teacher partnership is vital to ensuring we together raise children who are sensitive, possess integrity, are proud of their heritage and strive for excellence – who leave our portals confident, capable and truly global citizens of whom the entire Shri Ram community can be proud.

Facilities :-


The Junior School has spacious Science, Social Studies and Math Labs with resources to provide a ‘hands-on’ learning experience to students. The labs have all the necessary apparatus to enable the students to navigate related grade wise concepts with ease.


Lunch is optional for pre-primary classes but mandatory from class II onwards. The lunch hall is warm with clattering cutlery and happy chatter.  Fresh hot lunch is served as the students, faculty and support staff eat together. The menu is a well balanced and nutritious mix of vegetarian food.

An environment friendly cooling system installed at Shri Aks makes it a perfect venue for hosting lunch for about 800 students between the two floors. This venue is also put into multipurpose use that includes hosting assemblies and workshops during the course of the day.


The campus is proud of its well stocked library, with more than 18,000 books for children and adults. Teachers use the library to supplement their teaching lessons with facts and references from around the world. The books on diverse topics are colour coded keeping in mind age appropriate reading levels.


The sports curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Apart from the outdoor basketball court, badminton court and the soccer field, The Manju Bharat Ram Hall boasts of a state of the art indoor basketball court as well.

After school coaching classes are conducted in gymnastics, cricket, soccer and basketball for the sport enthusiasts.


The school provides safe and reliable bus transportation to students who wish to avail this facility. The buses are air-conditioned and fitted with CCTV cameras, GPS and seat belts for the security of the students. The school buses ply on 45 routes within Gurgaon and in some parts of Delhi. An escort accompanies the children in every bus to ensure their safety and comfort.

Transport is arranged for all outings organised by the school.  Parents are kept informed about bus routes and transport related details through the website and text messages.  Text messages are sent to parents of all children on a particular route if a bus is delayed for some unavoidable reason, though all efforts are made to maintain punctuality.


At The Shri Ram School Aravali, The Manju Bharat Ram Hall which was inaugurated in January 2013, has an impressive stage for performance and a seating area for an audience of 1400. It can also be converted into an indoor basketball court.  The lower level of the Hall has changing rooms for students during in house and inter-school games and tournaments.


The campus has a well equipped medical room with facilities to cater to medical emergencies as well as basic necessary medicines to handle common complaints and minor injuries.  A trained nurse is always on duty. In cases of emergency, the child is immediately taken to the closest hospital. The school has an arrangement with a premier hospital in the city to deal with medical emergencies.


In Junior School, we have two computer labs with internet connectivity. In this air conditioned space each child has a computer to learn valuable lessons in collaboration and teamwork, as well as learn computer skills! We focus on project based learning by integrating technology with the main curriculum. Teachers use a  projector and a digital mike to conduct classes.

8. The Heritage School

Website :-

Admission :-

Phone: + 91 – 0124 – 2855124, + 91 – 0124 – 285512425, + 91 – 0124 – 285512426

Address :- Sector 62, Gurgaon – 122011

About :- Heritage Xperiential Learning School, with its commitment to an innovative project-based pedagogy and integrated curriculum, has established a formidable reputation for itself as a progressive, innovative school in just over a decade that it has been operational.

It stands apart as perhaps the only example of a progressive school that offers alternate education in the mainstream, disproving the perception that experiential education can only take place on a small scale. Heritage Xperiential Learning School has regularly found representation in the top 10 schools of the country as much for its academic reputation and infrastructure, as for its focus on students with special needs or those from economically weaker sections.


Other areas where the school has been cited for excellence include: co-curricular activity, leadership and management, sports education, life skills education and conflict resolution, and parent involvement. The school has always invested heavily in its teachers’ professional learning and development and, today, many of its teachers are trainers and facilitators who are making other schools aware of its experiential learning methodology.


Quite apart from all this, the school offers the best value for money. With a fee structure similar to other day schools in the NCR, Heritage Xperiential Learning School stands out in terms of the quality it offers, not merely in terms of infrastructure but, most importantly, through the quality of teaching and learning. It has the best teacher-student ratio at 1:9 in the NCR. Its fully air-conditioned campus is spread across a sprawling 18.75 acres and is equipped with one of the best infrastructures among schools in the NCR. Its leadership team consists of three alumni from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and one alumnus from the Harvard Business School.



9. Scottish High International School

Address :- Block- G, Sector 57, Sushant Lok II, Gurgaon 122011 Haryana, India

Website :-

Phone No. : +91 124 4112781 to 90, +91 9953849226

Admission :-

About :- As one approaches Scottish High International School, what strikes the most is the imposing structure. The fantastic earthy and rustic brick facade makes one fall in love at the first sight. The roof clad with gray tiles and stylish mouldings are reminiscent of venerable English institutions and are built in typical Scottish style architecture that justifies the name of the school, aesthetically designed with all modern facilities that cater to the needs of the students.  It is spread over 5 acres of land with beautiful landscaping and well-developed eco-friendly plantations. As you enter the campus the first impression which also leaves a lasting impression is that of space. The facilities and infrastructure in this ecampus are latest and designed with a futuristic approach. The school has a well-designed spacious waiting lounge and the front office equipped with modern technology is manned by professionally trained counsellors who receive parents and provide assistance.

We Learn As We Grow

“We learn as we grow and we grow as we learn.” so aptly befitting the 13 years young, ‘The Scottish High International School’ that has rolled so confidently on the wheels of speedy success, be it in the field of education or co-curricular activities, winning laurels and accolades in the State and the Country.

The Quality Exemplar

With ISO 29990:10 Certification, a standard for Learning Services Management, Scottish High sustains and maintains its proud heritage of quality teaching & learning, occupational health & safety and safe environmental practices through the combined effort of the dedicated students, staff and parents.

The first school in India to be associated with this standard to maintain high-quality education. The school caters to everyone, including the rapidly expanding professional classes for those who want the best of curriculum, facilities and faculty for their children. It is an English Medium day boarding Senior Secondary School with classes from Pre-Nursery to class XII.


Facility :-


  • State of the art ‘ Innovation Lab’ with hi-tech servers and computers

  • Centrally air-conditioned with full power backup

  • Indoor Golf Academy

  • 1000 seating air-conditioned dining hall

  • 1100 seating air-conditioned auditorium

  • 100 seating AV room

  • More than 300 staff members

  • Exclusive 1:12 teacher student ratio

  • Wi-Fi computer systems and networking in entire campus

  • Modern medical infirmary with resident doctor and nurses

  • Integrated Department for children with special needs

  • Maximum 25 children in one classroom

  • Maths, Science, Social Science, Language, Home Science, IT labs, Language labs & state of the art activity rooms

  • Open shelf library and research centre

  • Exposure to Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Horse riding,

  • Archery, Gymnastics, Cricket, Soccer, Scuba Diving, Basket Ball, Tennis & Taekwondo mentored by International level coaches

  • Half Olympic size swimming pool

  • Spanish, German and French language taught in addition to English, Hindi & Sanskrit

  • Autism Research Centre



10. Manav Rachna School

Address :- Block – F, Greenwood City, Sector 46, Gurugram – 122001.

Phone :- +91 -124 -4638600

Website: -

About :- Cultivating an environment which maximizes both development and delight among students is the overarching learning outcome at Manav Rachna International Schools.  We believe that if children have an emotionally enriching and balanced day, they will come running to school every day. At our schools, we follow a system where every child is valued. Child-centered learning, the cultural ethos that the school follows, the conduct and behavior of the teachers and a stress-free learning environment — all encourage joyful learning at our schools.

Everything that we do in our schools — both in scholastic and co-scholastic areas; encourages and inspires innovation and creativity. At Manav Rachna International Schools, the concept of “innovation” is introduced from a very early age through a unique Skill Development Program. The schools are equipped with state-of-the-art TechnoPlanet Labs that trains students inSTEAM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, the latest approach in modern education. Here, we encourage students to explore the skills of the future such as design and computational thinking, adaptive learning and artificial intelligence.  MRIS 46 Gurugram and MRIS 14 Faridabad have been chosen to establish an ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ under the Atal Innovation Mission of the Niti Aayog.

Over the years, we have beautifully integrated sports within the curriculum to enable students to grow into complete personalities.

Needless to say, the educational experience at Manav Rachna International Schools turns out to be an overall enriching one equipping students with the conviction of pursuing their dream professions once they bid adieu to the student life. At Manav Rachna, students grow with an optimum blend of excellence in academics, in personal growth and in human values. Be it in any sphere, students’ make their presence felt, nationally as well as internationally.


Website :-

Phone No. :- +919818171302+919818171304

Address :- G. D. Goenka World School, G.D. Goenka Education City, Sohna-Gurgaon Road, Sohna – 122103 Haryana, India

Admission :-

About :-  Established in I982, with varied interests in Real Estate, Travel & Tourism and Exports, the G. D. Goenka Group has stood at the frontier of innovative education, relentlessly building a brand of education that stands for quality and excellence both in India and abroad.


Its foray into innovative education began in 1994 to commemorate the memory of the late Smt. Gayatri Devi Goenka, mother of the Chairman, Mr. A. K. Goenka. Starting with barely 23 students in its first year at the first school, the G. D. Goenka Public School in Vasant Kunj, today fosters an enriched educational life for over 2500 students. The school takes pride in having introduced many firsts: the first centrally air-conditioned school offering the most hi-tech gym with Life Fitness equipment (set up in 2000); the first to introduce the air conditioned buses with communication facilities, toilets with sensory taps and Mineral Water Dispensers in Indian schools. With the latest educational aids, equipment and amenities, set up to uphold the highest standards in education, hygiene, safety & security, this model has been replicated in each school owned by or affiliated with the G.D. Goenka Group both in India and internationally.

Over the last 21 years, with over 40 wholly-owned and franchised schools across India and abroad, the G.D. Goenka Group has become a trend-setter in quality education from kindergarten to post-graduate education: the G. D. Goenka Toddler House (an upcoming chain of Kindergarten lefts), over 15 G. D. Goenka Lá Petite Montessori preschools (seamlessly blending the IB method with the spiritual method of the Vedas) and an entire Education City on the Sohna-Gurgaon Road.


Driven by the passion of one of India’s most avant-garde industrialists, the ideas of Globalization and Internationalization merged over 60 acres of prime property on the Sohna-Gurgaon Road to create Mr. A.K. Goenka’s vision of an educational hub: the GD Goenka Education City of which the World School is an integral part.

With global collaboration and affiliation at the core, the G.D. Goenka Education City, includes the G. D. Goenka World School with children representing over 30 countries and offering the IB and IGCSE curriculum, the G.D. Goenka World Institute, in partnership with Lancaster University, UK and the G.D. Goenka University that builds leaders of tomorrow, through specialized Schools of Architecture & Planning, Communication , Engineering, Fashion & Design (in collaboration with the famous Politecnico Di Milano School of Italy), Hospitality (in collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu), Humanities & Social Sciences, Law (Approved by the Bar Council of India) and Management.


With an experienced Executive Director, professional administrators, dedicated academicians and a bustling student-life the G.D. Goenka World School, set against the picturesque foothills of the Aravalli Range, enjoys the benefits of advanced technology and world-class infrastructure: beautifully manicured lawns, a Wi-Fi enabled, fully-air-conditioned campus; meticulously maintained playing fields, activities and sporting facilities, with nationally-ranked programs (Education World 2013 -14), AV equipped classrooms and conference halls, well-stocked libraries, hi-tech laboratories, carefully planned residential accommodation and an exclusive dining experience. GDGWS has created a space in Indian education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

The G.D. Goenka Group, led by the revolutionary vision and persuasive action of the Chairman, Mr. A. K. Goenka, tirelessly supported by the hands-on approach of Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Renu Goenka and the energetic marketing and financial expertise of the Managing Director, Mr. Nipun Goenka, believe that their journey into education has only just begun. With their vision firmly focused on educational advancement globally, they remain ahead of the curve, breathing new life into education across the country.


Facilities :-

Boarding :- G.D.Goenka World School is among the top residential schools in India. The School campus is designed to provide residing scholars with privacy and independence as well as a chance to be a part of a vibrant multi-cultural community, represented by students from all over the country and the world, who have chosen to call this beautiful and serene campus their home.

But it is not just the verdant campus of G.D.Goenka World School that enraptures the students. It is a host of other benefits and facilities available to the boarders that makes it one of the best boarding schools in India.


Equipped with dedicated study tables, a TV for entertainment purposes and a refrigerator, the common rooms provide a relaxed environment to students to unwind. A common room is shared between two rooms. In addition to the mentioned facilities, all common rooms are equipped with network ports and high-speed internet access.


GD Goenka World School is home to students of different nationalities, backgrounds and faiths, and to provide them with a place where they can worship in peace and tranquility, the boys and girls sections of the boarding complex have a prayer room.


In line with practices adopted by best residential schools in India, each floor of the boarding complex has House-parents who provide support and personalized attention to each student and help maintain discipline. To ensure that each student gets the attention it deserves, each house-parent’s top priority is to know the children individually. Also, house-parents regularly inspect the dorm rooms, study units and common-room areas, to ensure each child maintains neatness and personal hygiene. Very importantly, house-parents provide a nurturing environment for children, and work closely with children that need extra support. They also keep in touch with parents via email or telephonically, providing regular updates about their children’s welfare. To help house-parents carry out their duties, they are ably supported by a medical and a housekeeping team.


The dining hall is situated within walking distance of boarding houses. The dining hall is a centrally air-conditioned double-storey building; spread over 13,000 sq. ft. with a seating capacity for approximately 1000 students. The hall has bright décor and welcoming ambience and serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The dinner hall acts as unifying force with students from different background mingling freely as they partake food together while catching-up with friends and news.

  • Medical Care

  • In order to provide the best primary medical care to the students an infirmary is located in each of the two sections of the boarding houses. The school infirmary is open 24×7 and has fully equipped ambulance on call. For all medical emergencies, the school has tied-up with Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon.

  • Safety and Security

  • In order to keep students safe, the residential boarding school in Gurgaon has 24×7 security with guards stationed at the front and rear gates and in front of all buildings. The guards also regularly patrol the campus. To protect students from any untoward harm due to fire and such accidents, the school has installed fire sprinklers, alarms, smoke detectors at a regular interval which are routinely inspected. All restricted area/zones have controlled access for entry and exit, based on the smart contactless card and reader system. The school has put in place protocols for different scenarios, and drills to deal with specific scenarios are also conducted regularly.



The Spa at the campus is connected to the swimming pool area, and has a separate section for the boys and girls respectively. Each of the sections can accommodate 60 students at a time. The spa has four sauna rooms, four steam rooms and five showers in each section.


To allow the boarders the convenience and luxury of personal grooming on campus, the school has a hair and skin care salon. It is equipped with 10 full hydraulic barber chairs, 2 manicure tables, 2 hydrotherapy pedicure tubs, 2 Styling stations/cabins, 2 shampoo chairs with automatic neck and back massage and 2 Massage and Treatment Rooms. All the equipment is acquired from Takara Belmont, France and Lemi, Italy.


The boarding experience at GD Goenka World School, one of the best residential schools in India, provides students the opportunity to develop life-skill needed for living independently. The environment at GD Goenka World School encourages students to grow into independent and self-reliant individuals. Bound by the boarding experience at this top residential school in India, students emerge well-equipped to face the many challenges and demands of life after school.

Medicare :-

Uncompromising in our approach to Medicare, Safety & Security and Transportation, we have the best infrastructure in place, high-end specialist resources and highly qualified staff. Emergency drills are practised regularly at GDGWS.



  • The School Infirmary is complemented by 2 smaller Infirmaries, located in each of the wings of the boarding houses.

  • The School Infirmary has 6 beds, a patient examination and Dental Chair, B.P. Apparatus, Snellen eye chart, first-aid kits, with life-saving drugs for use in an emergency and Oxygen cylinders and Nebulizers in the Infirmary and boarding houses.


  • The school has a well-equipped ambulance and ambulance services are available 24 x7 on campus.


The school Medical Staff consists of 2 Doctors (Full time). A Doctor and Nursing staff are on call 24 hours a day on the campus. The school has adequate medical facilities and a supply of non-prescription medicines.


The school has a tie-up with Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon for all emergencies. In the event of a medical emergency, the school shall do all in its power to contact parents/guardians immediately.


With a holistic approach to general health services at GDGWS that require both administrative and clinical judgement, an interdisciplinary team comes together to promote joint planning and sound decision-making in health-care at GDGWS.

Bringing together all aspects of school life, several departments cater to the general health of each student at GDGWS. This significantly impacts the students’ knowledge, values and attitudes towards a holistic and healthy life.

  • HEALTH EDUCATION: The values of discipline, safety and well-being set by the school address the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health and are re-enforced daily by the teachers. Health and education professionals in the school community provide support to constantly improve school healthcare.

  • ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS EDUCATION: Our vibrant Activities programme boosts physical, mental and social development. While learning new skills in the Fine Arts, Sports and Community Service programmes, students build self-confidence, articulate their thoughts and ideas, develop physical strength and coordination and widen their perception and understanding of others. Each part of this holistic attitude to education contributes to a healthy approach to strengthening their bodies and minds.

  • HEALTH CHECK-UPS: Primary Health check-ups that are done regularly for both the students and the school staff allow early intervention and remediation of health problems that would otherwise be neglected.

  • COUNSELLING: The school Guidance Cell, with 3 counsellors for the primary, middle and upper schools observe, assess and promote the physical and psychological health of the students in close collaboration with the students, parents and other faculty.

  • SCHOOL NUTRITION: Catering to a global palate, we offer a variety of cuisines that always include nutritious juices and organically cultivated fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs. The menu is set by expert dieticians and cooked on campus, maintaining stringent quality controls. Mechanical dishwashers and waste disposal systems guarantee a hygienic experience.

  • SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT: The school creates and maintains facilities that enhance the physical and psychological well-being of the students. Growing in a multi-cultural environment of inclusion, the students are encouraged to look at the GDGWS experience as a foundation of physical and mental values that will make them confident and healthy global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Security :-

The Administrator and his team provide support on all matters of student safety, security and emergency management.


The team is responsible for:

  • Conducting campus safety audits and security assessments

  • Providing recommendations and guidelines for loss prevention and loss control measures

  • Offering technical expertise on traffic safety issues

  • Regulating and monitoring emergency drills

  • Providing 24-hour monitoring of security and fire alarm systems


  • The campus has 24 x 7 security cover, with guards stationed at the Front and Rear Gates, in front of all buildings, as well as patrolling the campus. Drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different scenarios.

  • 24 hours security/surveillance is taken care of through BMS, Access Control & CCTV.


  • Fire sprinklers, alarms and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked.

  • CCTV: All the buildings & outdoor fields are under surveillance through fixed & PTZ cameras, with event recording facilities to keep a check on any untoward incident.

  • Access Control: All restricted areas/zones have controlled access for entry & exit, based on the smart contactless card & reader system.

Transportation :-

GDGWS has a fleet of Yellow Buses that are responsible for picking up and dropping off day-boarders. These luxury buses are fully air conditioned and come equipped with water-dispensers and a first-aid kit.


Our transportation team who ensures the buses arrive on time have experienced drivers, a designated caretaker or Nanny and security guard.

Parents are informed of their child’s pickup/ drop via sms each day. The security deputation on board each bus also has a list of all Emergency Contact Numbers, as well Points of Contact within the school.


The administration works closely with the team in charge of transportation to plan bus-routes and allot children a place on a bus. Ensuing security deputation on each bus, the team supervises the departure and arrival of buses each day.

12. Salwan Public School

Tel: + 91 – 0124 – 4886050 till + 91 – 0124 – 4886090

Address: Sector 15, Part II, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001

Admission :

About: The school follows the CBSE pattern of syllabus and has classes from the pre-nursery level till grade XII.

  • It is a co-ed institute and provides day classes for all its students. It also has the facility of day boarding for its students.

  • In addition to the regular academic classes that the school provides, students can also take part in a host of co-curricular activities. Some such activities include art and craft, dance and music, clay modeling, painting, sketching, handicraft making, pottery, origami, calligraphy, kirigami, paper recycling crafts, Indian and western dance forms, sitar, table, santoor, dholak, violin, drums, congo, guitar, keyboard, Indian and western vocal, kathak, food production, fashion studies, media studies and more.

Schools In Gurgaon or Gurugram

13. American Montessori Public School:


Address :- L-23, DLF City, Phase II, Behind Privat Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

Tel :- +91 124 4018944, 2353232

Admission :-

About : The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world.

It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Components necessary for a programme to be considered authentically Montessori include mixed age groupings that foster peer learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time, and guided choice of work activity. In addition, a full complement of specially designed Montessori learning materials is meticulously arranged and available for use in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The teacher, child, and environment create a learning triangle. The classroom is prepared by the teacher to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. The child, through individual choice, makes use of what the environment offers to develop himself interacting with the teacher when support and/or guidance is needed.

Mixed age groupings are a hallmark of the Montessori Method: younger children learn from older children, older children reinforce their learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered. This arrangement also mirrors the real world, where individuals work and socialize with people of all ages and dispositions.

Facilities :-

Library :- Our  Library provides the right environment for enriching student’s skill in reading. It treasures 8000 books on Education, Science, Literature, Philosophy and General Knowledge besides possessing 30 Periodicals, Journals, Magazines and Newspaper.

The school follows the CBSE pattern of syllabus and has classes from Montessori level till grade XII.

  • It is a co-ed institute and offers day classes for all its students. It also has day boarding facilities available at the school.

  • In addition to the regular academic classes that the school offers, it also provides a host of co-curricular activities for its students. Some such classes that the students can avail of are dance and music, art and craft, painting, indoor and outdoor sports and more.