Fashion and the colours ruling 2018

Fashion and the colours ruling 2018

Guys and girls, black is not a new orange or yellow for 2018 colour palate. The colours that top the list in 2018 are bright hues like orange, yellow and soft colours like lavender. Do not panic if you have got neutrals, for they are not out of fashion either.

Combining the celebrity and the runway look, the colours that are predicted to remain in trend are:

Yellow: Beacon of light

Whether it is a lemon, mustard or marigold — all falls in the category of yellow.  Whether it is Indian or western, the beacon of light: yellow is adding to celebrity wardrobes and even models on the runways. The cheery vibes of the colour surely will catch the public’s attention. Go get hand on it!

How to wear 

Orange: Confident and bright

This was one of the unexpected hues to be included in trends 2018, but it also topped the list. Exactly, the commercial brands like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford added this in their collection of bags, dresses, jackets, boots, jewellery. Although I don’t possess any one of the orange shades in my wardrobe, but the revival of this tone has convinced enough to expand my wardrobe with this bright, confident shade. So, you should also add one to yours- Just a suggestion.

How to wear it?


Lavender : Gives you a fresh eye

Next colour trend cannot be announced without lavender. The renowned designers like Michael Kors incorporated into looks, giving our eyes a fresh way to look at this colour and the style to wear it. Instead of just going monochrome with lavender, you can also match it up with mint to make it less monotonous. Well, you will spot this colour everywhere from now onwards.



The neutrals are the most admired shades by girls and has stayed the same every season. These tones not just appeared on the women’s stores but even the menswear pieces are supported with the colour. Almost every retail store is offering tones of beige, brown and cream.

How to wear neutrals?

Well, you may even go monochrome but tying it up with versatile colours like black can make you stand out of the crowd and will give you an easy look.

Also own a brown coat this season. If you don’t possess one, invest in it. It acts as a base to all other colours. Compliment with almost every colour just like red and black perform its duty. 


Embroideries are also in fashion. You can spend on embroidered one’s too if you add a bit of cool design to the one-toned clothes. 

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Pastels: Might and light

It includes lilac, pink, duck egg blue. The delicacy can be strong as said by Victoria Beckham, holds true to a larger extend. 

How to wear it?


Checks: The checks are also on a ride this season. Many Bollywood stars have been spotted wearing checks and carrying it with style and grace. Look how Shahid Kapoor pulled off the look along with wife Mira Kapoor who was caught in an elegant monochrome gown.

How to wear it?


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