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Tamilrockers is  piracy website  that leaks HD movies for download online: Its a torrent website that illegally provides pirated latest Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies online for HD download.   Tamilrockers is a torrent website that is very popular among south Indian movie fans.

Numerous popular TV serials, Movies whether Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other language films are regularly uploaded on the site. Although the URL itself is blocked by the government, Tamilrockers can be easily accessed by proxy servers

This is the social network for watching movies online free. This website has more than five thousand movies.

It is a torrent website, earlier it was only popular among south Indians but from some years it has gained popularity when govt. banned these types of torrent websites.

Who are Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a name in the pirate industry that has magnified the limits of offering movies to the viewers by infringing the copyrighted material. To put simply, it’s a torrent website that facilitates the users with the latest movies in a different language.

Without a barrier, all Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English, Malayalam movies and so on are shown illegally to the viewers. In other terms, this site is even been derived from some of the top-ranking pirated sites.

IT is doing something that is not possible by all. With the pace of time, it aced the torrent industry and brings the topmost released movies for the users.

The movies that make you wait; you can simply get that on The website. The genres from love to action, serious to comedy, all types of movies in diverse languages are accessible through this website. 

Creator of TamilRockers

The thinker and creator of Tamil rocker 2020 are Bhaskar Kumar and he launched this site in the year 2018.

It has been more than a decade since this website is rocking the platform of pirated movies as well as shows.

The comfort he offered from this website is that users can download or watch it online as per their desire. Moreover, the HD content makes this a worthwhile place to look for any show or movie.

Reasons to prefer Tamilrocker website

Watching movies on this platform has become a need of an hour for people to enjoy and entertain themselves. Not only the movies, but the TV shows you love to fancy are telecasted daily.

Another reason would be the user and non-user of the website. It would hardly bother if you are a user to this site or not as it would offer you access to download the movie and enjoy it to the utmost level.

The other highlighting features are as follows:

  •  It is a user-friendly website and easy to access
  •  Movies are sorted on year grounds
  •  Unlimited movies and shows available
  • Take pleasure of offline movies
  •  High Definition is a key goal
  •  No intervention of ads
  •  Operate it from any source
  •  Get updated with time

Steals the Show

It doesn’t mean to just take away the show, it connotes that we grab the most attention by bringing up the latest movies for the users. Even now, the latest release and many such released movies are available for your entertainment. Our latest leaked movies stun the users as we bring them on demand and we are extremely fast at it. 

To get the movie you want of any language, you simply need to request for a movie on our website and we will soon get the movie on demand. Our sources are quite updated and utilise their powers to get it in front of you. Another thing is that we have ample number of movies which you can watch on a daily basis. We guarantee that you won’t get a chance to repeat a movie as the count is innumerable. 

People are fond of TR as the website is updated so frequently. Another highlighting thing is the free access which drags much number of users towards it. Various downloading sources, unique platform, diverse languages, latest songs, all the requirements are fulfilled here. 

Hashtags for Tamil Rockers

In the fast-paced world, one has to stay updated. For complete amusement, it would be better to search with the help of keywords. There are several top listing keywords for Tamilrockers, changes with time and makes it comfy for the users. Along with this, it becomes feasible to know the demand of today’s people if you are good to go with anything.

There are several famous ones like #Tamilrockers, #tamilmovie, #tamilmusic and so on. So, to have the overall pack of entertainment, use such hashtags and make the task easier.

Why Tamilrockers change the URL?

Being a pirated website fetches a lot of hurdles in the way. The copyright issue causes difficulty for tamilrockers and eventually, they end up changing the domain of the website. At times, users may get confused that what sites are accessible or what is the changed URL. However, this has become easy by following the given websites.

·         tamilrockerrs.pl – Active

·         Tamilrockers .pw – Active

·         Tamilrockers .de– Active

·         Tamilrockers .co– Active

·         Tamilrockers .cc– Active

·         Tamilrockers .cl

·         Tamilrockers . gs

·         Tamilrockers .li

·         Tamilrockers .st

·         Tamilrockers .ro

·         Tamilrockers .ax

·         Tamilrockers-s. co

·         Tamilrockers .tv

·         Tamilrockers .com

·         Tamilrockers .net

For the proxy sites, go through these given links:

Tamilrockers.nzVery fast
Tamilrockers.mrunlock.proVery Fast 

How to download Torrent of Tamilrockers?

In order to rejoice the movies without any difficulty, make sure everything is just perfect. For that, you need to download the torrent as follows:

1.      Initially, you ought to have a torrent for movies.

2.      Get them from uTorrent, BitTorrent which makes you access your different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Mac etc.

3.       As per your choice, download and install a free torrent client.

4.      Then from Tamilrockers website, drag and drop the file or upload the Torrent file to download.

5.      Later on when the download completes, just copy and paste the URL. Take that URL and add Torrent followed by Paste and Go.

Revenue of Tamilrockers

Can you guess what they earn? Have you ever considered how they earn? Don’t these questions sound interesting? With the timely growth, downloading, watching movies and series from the Tamilrockers platform has soared, leading to increased revenue. In a decade, tamilrockers.com had a turnover of $3, 617 USD and almost 4500 plus new users visit in the count of thousand earlier users.


Unique Visitors4,955
Revenue (From Ads)$ 5 USD
Unique Pageviews4,957


Unique Visitors148,650
Revenue (From Ads)$ 149 USD
Unique Pageviews148,710


Unique Visitors1,808,575
Revenue (From Ads)$ 1,809 USD
Unique Pageviews1,809,305

The apparent calculations justify unique content and the huge popularity. You can visit the website at any time and can enjoy whatever you desire to have a glimpse of. Tamilrockers is simple to believe, easy to follow and best to rely on. Even it is better to refer it to others to make them land in the pool of movies.


Using any website is not a problem and the same goes in the case of Tamilrockers. Certainly, the content on this landing site is copyrighted and illegal; however, the demand of users makes it a hit. In general, it is suggested to users to have access to authenticated movies and must not infringe the laws. 

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